Nasty Freak Wants to Be Your Toilet Slave

best phone sex cassandraI am such a nasty freak. Why do I say that? Because I will do anything a guy wants. I am a true submissive slut. So when I let this handsome stranger pick me up at the bar the other night, I had no idea that later I would be his toilet slave. It started out like any other hook up. I blew his cock, then rode his cock. When I was riding his big hard dick, he started to piss up my cunt. At first, I thought he was cumming, but the smell gave it away. His piss jet stream acted as a douche up my pussy. He ordered me to piss it out just like a douche. I am a good fuck slut, I did I was told. Pissed it out in a glass that he made me chug. I should have seen that one coming. He did the same thing to my ass. I shit that piss out too and drank it with a cum chaser. Told you I was a nasty girl.

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