Lil Sis Just For You

I love when you come home from college and sweep me up in your arms. I can tell you’ve been working out and I love the feel of your muscles under your tshirt. Before my feet even hit the floor, we are ripping each others’ clothes off. It has been way too long, and I know none of those girls at school are able to do for you what I can.


I need your tongue all over my body and I will suck your cock until it feels like its going to burst in my mouth. Stick your fingers inside me and tell me how much you love my sweet tight pink cunt. I love to hear your voice and since we’ve been fucking since we were able, it soothes me into a sweet orgasm all over your fingers. Turn some cheap jackoff porn on the TV and then come back to me with that hard hot body.

Then you take your throbbing cock and stick it deep inside my tiny cunny. The little pink slit I save just for you and your visits home. You pound me with no mercy and you know I can take every inch of my big brother. Drive that cock home and yank my hair back and kiss me as you cum deep inside. 

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