I love my life!

adult phone sex bernadetteI remember when I first got pregnant all I could think about was all the family fucking that would be going on. I was so in love and beyond the moon with happiness. This feeling replaced itself time and time again because I had a pretty big family. I was very attentive in their sexual education too, I wanted them to take after Mommy and they did even as they grew old enough to have their own little ones. It’s a whole family thing over here, a incest sex kinda family we are! Well you see, I suppose my little ones play with their little ones and I play with them too! They get plenty of lessons! And they never complain about it either…it’s just what they grew up knowing life was like and that’s how I raised mine too – it’s perfect for a constant family fucking we keep going. And Grandma wouldn’t have it any other way!

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