I did what my parents couldn’t

dirty mommy phone sexMy parents were not close to me when I was growing up, they tried to teach me things but none of the things they taught me were important. They were more worried about helping me with my homework opposed to actually teaching me what’s important in life, and I always hated them for that. Ever since then I promised myself that if I were to ever be a mom I would teach my little ones how to have a close family and always show them how much I love them, so as you can guess, I was happy as ever when I got knocked up young, I know I know, I took forever, but like I said I had no support from my family. I have had at least one little one every year or so so that all of the love will be shared. Obviously I make them learn the things that are important in life like sucking, fucking, and eating, and yes they spend a lot of time learning hands on with mommy and making mommy very happy by touching on me and rubbing on me. Even though I do not produce milk it doesn’t stop the brats from sucking hard on my perky nipples. I am not like my parents though so I always reward them for their good work, I may have gotten a gold star from my parents, but that meant nothing, I know what means something to the little ones and that is one on one time with me, where I make them feel really good everywhere and show them that all their hard work has paid off and that I appreciate them as well as anyone that crosses their paths will appreciate all the time they took practicing to be the perfect little family.

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