Fantasy phone chat with Mommy Daphne

Fantasy phone chat

You aren’t the only one who has the same taboo fantasy. It is no surprise you want to spread my thighs apart and kiss down my thighs till you find my wet pussy. Kiss my pussy lips and suck on my clit baby. Just like that your mommy is your dirty cum whore. Ever since I pushed you out of my tight hole I have wanted that tiny cock. I would kiss your tiny cock during each diaper change and bath time! I couldn’t keep my hands or mouth off of you.. That it why mommy loves your naughty fantasy! I want see your cock now baby. Pull it out for mommy, now don’t be shy. I know you love the attention. Now pull your cock out like mommy asked. See I told you sweet son, you wanted me and I want you. Lean in and feel mommy’s wet hairy pussy.. My pussy is so wet and warm.. My sweet son you do this to your mommy! Now kiss mommies cunt as I suck your hard cock my sweet son! 

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