Daddy’s Cummy Bear

adult phone chat LorineDaddy loves to call me his Cummy Bear. That’s cause I’m soft and squishy and I melt in your mouth just like the candy. My Daddy is the best. He feeds me my favorite treat. …cummies. I love his cummies cause they taste so good.  I like to swish them in my mouth before I swallow them. I will always be Daddy’s special girl so he doesn’t need another woman.
Taking care of my Daddy is like playing games. He loves the ragdoll game where I go limp and he fucks me. Then we play hide and seek in the dark. It makes me scream because Daddy gets to live his rape fantasy when he finds me. Dirty dog is kinda yucky when I have to sniff and lick his ass, then he humps me doggie-style. My most favorite is the milkshake straw. I take Daddy’s penis into my mouth and suck it like a thick milkshake until it finally rises in the straw. Then, gulp, gulp, no more ice cream!!!
Some might call me a dirty girl, but playing with my Daddy is so much fun. Maybe you should be my Daddy and let me show you the fun Daddy-games that we can play. I’ll be your favorite daughter forever

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