Daddy Came To Visit

adult phone chat dorisInez was out with her friends when he showed up at the door. I hadn’t seen him in at least 16 years.
There he stood at the door just as handsome as ever with that devil may care twinkle in his eyes.
He was still just as charming as ever and when he grabbed me and kissed me the rush came flooding back in a flash.
He isn’t a gentle lover, he doesn’t know what it means to “make love” he straight up loves to “fuck”.
He grabbed my long red hair and shoved me to the ground, pushing his cock in my face. I eagerly sucked it into my mouth wanting what he was offering.
That is when I heard the door open and Inez came in. he knows what to do when she sees mommy fucking a man and she was naked and in the middle of it before I knew what was happening.
He fucked us both hard and rough, showing no mercy. Inez called him Daddy just like she is supposed to.
It wasn’t until after he left that I told her that he really is her Daddy…

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