Adult phone chat with daddies princess

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with daddy makes me feel like I am his special princess. I enjoy having daddy give me rub downs and taking showers with me. Daddy is very hands-on with me. I have always had him give me back rubs and massages. Pretty soon enough it started to become a time where we spent a lot of time together. Daddy would find my slit and massage that for me as well. At first, I wasn’t sure what was going on and was even a bit timid. Once I felt his licks on my slit, I knew it was something I wanted to happen nonstop. I felt such a rush to feel his tongue slick back and forth. My cunny was dripping, and I was climaxing. I had no idea what that was. Soon enough daddy showed me all the ropes and tricks I needed to know.

I was daddies hot little slut. I loved him playing with me and fucking me nonstop.

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