Adult Phone Chat with a Sadistic Bitch

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat can go to the dark side with me. I am a sick bitch. I do not do the typical phone thing. I am not your girlfriend. I am not you whore either. I am your accomplice or your sadistic. I deal in dark fantasies. Things like castration, torture, rape fantasies (not me), and snuff are the type of calls I do most. I do some illicit things in my personal life. I just have never been caught because I am smart. I was not always smart though. When I was a schoolgirl, I killed a bully because she made my life hell. I did not mean to do it, but she followed me home from school and started on her rant once again. I stabbed her like 20 times. I was full of rage and anger. I ran home covered in her blood and my grandpa was there. I told him what happened and he said to me that she asked for it. And then he went and got the body and disposed of it. From that day on, he taught me how to keep my emotions in check. He taught me how to kill. He taught me so much. He was my mentor. He trained me in the art of killing and getting away with it. He had gotten away with it for decades. Now, this sexy slut is following in his footsteps. We can hunt together. Or, you can be my victim. There is no middle gray area, however, because I am no one’s bitch.  I love to kill. I love to torture and I love revenge. That girl who I stabbed in the woods so many years ago has never been found. Her family has no clue still if she is dead or was kidnapped or maybe even just ran away. Only my grandpa and I know she became fertilizer. Maybe if you are looking for some deviant chat, I can help mentor you to be a sick bitch like me.

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