Adult Phone Chat with a Sadistic Bitch

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is a different breed. I only explore dark fantasies. You see, I am not a vanilla girl. GFE phone calls fill me with rage because I am clear that I am a sadistic bitch. So, when a guy starts to call me baby and honey and treats me like a girlfriend instead of an accomplice, I turn the call into something morbid.

When John called me the other night, he wanted a romantic call. I gave him a chance to call someone else, but he insisted he only enjoys Goth babes. I castrated him. Hey, do not feel sorry for the loser. He had a chance to call someone else. Even though I told him I wanted to castrate him so he would lose all desire to fuck me, he stayed on the line.

I am Not Your Girlfriend

However, he did not enjoy the call. I think he did though. I mean you need to be a huge idiot to not read my cues. Although I was clear about who I was and what my specialty was, he insisted I was the girl for him. Now, he lacks any testicles. Castration phonesex makes me wet. I even have a castration chair which is an old death row chair I re-purposed. Told you I was a sick bitch. Told him I was a sick bitch too.

Hey, it is not my fault if a guy is too dumb to read my blogs or my bio. If he did, he would know he only serves two purposes in my life. He can be my accomplice or my victim. No gray area in between. I am not for every guy. I get that. However, if you call me for something I clearly do not want to do, you will get a call you clearly do not want to do.

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