Adult Phone chat Slave beginnings

Robyn brings your Master tendencies full swing during adult phone chat. Sex swing that is! I love being placed in my love harness and swung in a nice arc as my ass is getting whacked with a nice thin leather belt. The thinner the strip the redder and more raised the welt is! And when A good strong master spanks across my ass, I feel alive, and love to watch his cock swell with excitement. It means I am doing my job well as a slave. I am a slave for pure punishment and training of how to please each and every man that cums into my life.

My Name is Robyn and I am a submissive whore.adult phone chat

Not only am I a true and trained milf slave, I have a very kinky side as well.

As if, being in bondage and used as a canvas for my Masters torture’s antics weren’t enough. I love incest. I was my fathers slave when I was young. He knew that I was the one girl who he could take his needs out with. I would be put in bondage by being tied to a chair naked in the kitchen, while his friends played poker and called me names. That was even before I saw his cock. Father would often let his other offspring give away punishments to me. If they did something naughty, They could spank me, put me in a corner with rice on my knees and if they taunted and bullied me, they would be rewarded by their father.

Soon, the day would come when I realized that this whole time I was jackoff porn for my own pops. He got off seeing me abused in these different ways. I became a natural born submissive slut. It was then the cock sucking lessons began and my holed opened up like a Z28. Making me the erotic submissive kinky cunt I am today!

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