Adult Phone Chat Sissy Trainer

adult phone chat

Yes, I heard you when you said that you don’t want to become a sissy slut. But look – you ARE a sissy whether your outer self reflects that yet or not. I can tall just by talking to you that it’s who you are as a person. It’s who you’re meant to be. Admit it – you daydream all the time about getting all dressed up in lingerie, a full face of makeup, and a nice pair of stilettos. Even if you are being stubborn and not saying it out loud to me, I know for a fact that it’s true.

So, when you call me for adult phone chat, you’re going to get the sissy training that you so desperately need. I will help you learn the things you don’t know how to do like makeup, hair, and how to walk in heels. It might not come easily to you at first, but don’t worry your pretty little head. I’m the perfect woman to give you all the tools you need. Now, are you going to admit to me that you want to fully become a sissy slut, or am I going to have to spank it out of you?

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