Adult phone chat royalty

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat royalty with goddess Ales. My name is super long, but you can call Ales for short. Doesn’t matter what you call me. Address me as goddess or princess or queen. Doesn’t matter which way you go about it; only you have to remember that I am forever the perfect delicacy in your life.

When you indulge in my sweet sensual voice, know that you will be dominated and controlled. You may not even realize it at first. My sweet ways will win you over, but you need to satisfy me, and pleasing me will be your primary goal. I know you live a life outside of catering to me, but I want you to know that when you sign a contract with me, you must abide by every rule.

Yes, I am quite the hardass when it comes to rules. Know that I come before your family and friends. Even work takes the back seat next to me. I will be pampered and spoiled and be treated ever so kindly.

Bow down bitches goddess Alessandra is looking for pay piggies and enslaved people.

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