Adult Phone Chat Makes Me Wet

adult phone chatHey baby are you looking for someone to have some dirty adult phone chat with. Me too. So, let’s play together. The other day I had a hot ass guy give me a call and we had an orgasmic time. Like literally an orgasmic time. Let me tell you how it went down. He called giving me some attitude, trying to make me his bitch. I was having no part of that, so I started in on him. He quickly found out how he like to be the submissive in our little fun. I told him to lick the phone like he was licking my feet. I could hear his tongue going up and down on the microphone. My pussy was getting wet, but I wanted more. I told him to whip that cock out and stroke it. I made him spit on the head and then move that hand up and down. I even had him put the phone down so I could hear how wet his cock was getting. That caused me to pull these panties right off and start stroking my clit. Listening to him moan as I told him to jerk it for me. By the time we were down I felt like I was in a hot jackoff porn. Think you could get me off like that? I will be waiting for you.

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