Adult Phone Chat Is Naughty

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with Karen is hot. I like when all those boys watch my sweet hot ass as I walk through the stores. Most girls don’t like the cat calling but I love it. In fact, the nastier they get the wetter I get. As a token of appreciation, I like to bend over so my shirt slips just enough to expose my massive tits for them. The other night at a bar I was having a few drinks with some girls and noticed this guy watching me. He did the who fingers to the face and wiggling his tongue, basically saying he would lick my cunt. So, I pulled my skirt up just a little higher and spread my legs exposing my juicy bald pussy and smiled. He sat there speechless. I continued to give him peep shots throughout the night, sometimes leaning over so he could see my sweet fat ass. As the night went on and I was feeling a little tipsy and a whole lot horny I motioned with my finger for him to follow me. He practically ran to catch up. I walked out the back door as he followed. I threw him against the wall and started kissing him as he moved his hand between my legs, fingering my wet fussy. I started to grind against his finger as I moved my hands down his pants. It got really wild that night, like jackoff porn wild, give me a call and let me tell you all about it.

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