Adult phone chat

adult phone chat

 I met a cute guy at the bar the other night and I think he must have put something in my drink. All I know is that I was waisted and horny and with each sip of my drink, the room slimmed fast and faster. I awoke the next morning naked in his bed with a video playing on the tv. I was dancing naked at the club and fucking this dude from last night in public. My jaw dropped and I was shocked. I think I was more so horny over anything though. I thought I was alone, I called out multiple time to see if anyone was home. His bed was so comfy I took advantage of opening my legs to see if his cum was inside of me. I was full of cum in both of my holes and feeling it in between my fingers made me so horny. I spread my legs and started fucking my pussy. I guess I wasn’t alone because this guy walks into the room “well good morning.” He has a video camera in his hand and some how projects me rubbing my pussy on the tv. Why does this turn me on? “Are you ready to get fucked again? I have to hurry and fuck you, and wash the sheet within an hour because my wife’s plane lands soon. Just my luck!

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