Thick Sticky White Cum

Adult phone chatI dance so hard on the stage tonight that sweat covered my naked flesh. Tonight I deserved something special. Tonight I invited 3 guys to be my guest in The Champagne Room. I chose 3 regulars because they knew what I needed. I got them behind the closed doors of The Champagne Room and turned into a dirty cum guzzling slut. Down on my knees, I took care of their hard cocks sucking, licking, and stroking each one. You have to be really good at multi-tasking to please 3 guys at the same time. For the average girl, this might be a real challenge, but I’m a professional. The only sounds were me greedily slurping on hard cocks and deep male groans. Then all of a sudden one by one they pop their corks, squirting cum all over my body. And I loved every single warm sticky white drop.

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