Slumber Party Dirty Mommy Fun

adult phone chat LilibethI’m such a dirty mommy, but I love it. My youngest daughter had a sleep over this past weekend. House was filled with cute little girls. I spiked the punch and invited a few of my male friends over. I have many friends who love young girl flesh, especially virgin flesh.  So a house full of drugged up little ones is a dirty old man’s dream come true. The girls, even my daughter, were all sedated. The drugs made them groggy, but able to follow instructions like “suck my cock.” I love watching young girls get violated. Big hairy balls slapping on the chins and asses of sweet tender meat makes my pussy drip. I sat back like an evil puppet master and watched little cherries get popped and sweet cherub faces get covered in cum. I just watched and masturbated. They woke up the next morning, no clue why they were sore! Luckily, I took them horseback riding before the actual fun started, so their folks would never know the real reason their baby girls had swollen little fuck holes and no intact hymens! Being a dirty mommy is so much fun.

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