Mother Wants Best

adult phone chat CANDICEYoung boys these days just don’t know how hard mothers have it. Having to watch them grow, get handsome, get sexy, and then watch them paw all over girls their own age. What about a mom’s needs. I wish my son and his friends knew just how wet they made my pussy. How much I would love it if they just pushed my to my knees and whipped out their hard cocks. It looks like it needs a kiss to make it better. Let Mommy take care of that. Mmm, I could take them so much better than the little hussy’s their own age and love every minute of it. I’m so hot for that young, virile, spunk to run down my throat and cover my face. Make my clothes all dirty as they used me over and over again to get off. Because, we all know that young studs like you have all the stamina. Then when you get tired of my face and mouth I can always bend over, there is a more than willing pussy and a very neglected ass to pay attention too. Let me be the best mama ever and take care of all those needs you have and teach you how to pleasure a real woman.

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