Latin and BBC fetish

Jackoff porn

They say girls don’t like porn, but that’s insane to me I fucking love it I love porn so much. My favorite is jackoff porn. It is probably my favorite kind.
I like seeing a guy who’s about to just about to bust the noises a guy makes who’s about to cum is so fucking hot I love hearing a guy moan and groan.
It makes my pussy so fucking wet and excited and ready to bust as well.
I can spend hours watching jerk off porn it really is something that I am amazed by maybe it’s because I don’t have a dick but seeing a guy coming is one of my favorite pleasures.
I can spend all day watching that. One day I was looking up some jack off flicks, and I came across a latin guy I was obsessed with his dick I invited him over. He was a good fuck and seeing him cum in person opened me up to a world fetish of creampie and cumshot obsession. I love brown dick and black dick. I’m on cock loving slut


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