I love eating all your cum!

adult phone chat donnaOh my, if it isn’t that time of year again. Everyone is scrambling around shopping, working long hours, spending time with family…and me? I’m just looking for the right guy that is willing to give me every last drop of his cum! I need and crave that sticky salty treat, I am a cum guzzling whore! I love love love eating cum! If I could eat it as a snack all day long I sure would! Nothing is stopping me from doing just that expect for finding the right guy who’s balls are loaded full of cum and jizz…I want to drain them over and over again, on my face and down my throat. EVERY LAST DROP! Want me to beg for it? No problem! I want it that fucking bad, I want to eat all your cum like a the total cum slut I am, swallow every last fucking drop and taste it’s warm saltiness as it slides slowly down my throat, and then I’ll even lick my lips.

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