Teen Cinema Matinee

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I refused to get out of the car at first but with a little persuasion, I headed inside! There was a movie playing and I could hear people all around moaning! As the lights got brighter I saw so many cocks I lost count! The girl on the movie screen was soaked in cum and it was apparent from the looks of the people in the movie theatre I would be too! Daddy helped me get undressed and was soon stroking his cock! I was a little embarrassed at first but when Dad took my tits in his hands and started sucking I started getting so wet! Inserting his fingers in my pussy I was soon moaning my pleasure with the rest of the audience. Daddy then turned me around so that everyone could see my tight little pussy hole! I grabbed His cock and begged for him to fuck me! Instead a woman that was standing near dad slid her fingers in my Dad’s bum as he screamed out! By then Daddy’s cock was so hard he couldn’t wait any longer! He rammed his cock in my tight little pussy and began to fuck me so hard! I know this movie theater may be of the beaten path but I cant wait for Daddy to take me again!

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