Adult Phone Chat Sluts Engage in Risky Sexual Practices

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts love to masturbate on calls with guys like you. I am a horny MILF. The older I get, the hornier and less inhibited I become. Sometimes, I am so horny, I masturbate in public. You see, I know no limits. Part of it is because I was raised in an incest loving family. Part of it is as a druggy whore, I have no impulse control.

When I got stuck in traffic the other day, I thought about how many of my callers rub one out in the car. For Some men it is the only alone time they get. So, if guys can jack their cocks while driving down the highway, surely, I could rub my wet bald pussy while stuck in a long line of traffic moving at an inch-worm’s pace, LOL.

But my sundress pulled up easily. I pulled my panties to the side and played with my bald wet snatch. I got lost in my head and did not realize a school bus of horny teenagers pulled up next to me and got a hot show. Mostly boys. So, I suspected some sort of sporting event. They pressed their faces to the window of the bus trying to see everything I have. And I gave them a jackoff porn show.

I Love Masturbating for Teenage Boys

I spread my legs wider. And I put them up on the seat facing the passenger side. I pulled my lips apart to show them my pink cunt. And I could see a few making jerking motions. So, I knew they were getting off with me. I just hoped the bus driver did not catch wind of what was going on. I came, and I think some of the boys did too. Sadly, I could not see their cocks unless they stood on the bus seats. And the driver would have seen that.

The traffic started moving again. And I felt better. Still horny. But now I wanted to rush home to fuck my sons since those teen boys teased me. This dirty mommy phone sex slut came with two sets of teen boys in one day. And that felt wonderful.

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