Adult Phone Chat Mommies Love Age Play

adult phone chatAdult phone chat mommies can help you navigate the sexy world of age play. I have three sons and a niece who live with me. And you better believe I play with them all. What is the point of having little ones if you cannot play with them, right? I suck cock, get fucked and eat pussy daily. And I was raised like this. Not from my parents. They never touched me. But my older siblings and I always played around.

And now we all play around with our offspring. But as the youngest sister, I have the youngest offspring. My niece’s daddy is my oldest brother’s daughter. But because of his job she lives with me for stability and school. And now that it is summer, I get to have all 4 at home with me during the day too. So, my pussy and my mouth get quite a workout.

I Love Ageplay Fantasies as  Dirty Mommy Whore

This sexy milf loves sucking on stiff teenage cock and eating a bald pussy every morning. The breakfast of champions, LOL. This morning everyone got up early, even me. So, we had a family orgy before I made us all breakfast. I love taking care of my sons’ morning wood. And eating my niece’s naturally bald cunnie. Once my sons pumped me each full of their morning seed, my niece cleaned me up. I guess you could say she had her breakfast first.

She still had an appetite for pancakes though. We all did. We worked up a sweat. But after we ate, we fucked some more. And this time my niece got some cock in her little pussy too. She felt so excited too. And once my boys pumped their second loads deep inside her little bald vagina, I licked it up.

And to think every day this summer will be just like today. Maybe I can help you explore your ageplay fantasies. Talking to me is better than jackoff porn.

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