Watch Me Play

I spent all day at the pool just waiting to come home and take a bubble bath to get ready for you to arrive for our adult phone chat. I made dinner, well ordered it anyways, and it will be ready for you once you come home and take care of me. I used the new toy you got me, and the vibrations sent chills all throughout my body. I imagined you walking in and finding me there – spread out on your bed like the dirty little slut you know I am. I would be pounding my tiny pussy while watching your jackoff porn on the flat screen.

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I felt so pretty and so dirty all at the same time. I pictured you pretending to be mad and then putting me over your knee for a good spanking. My tight little tan ass turning all pink from you slapping me until I begged you to stop. Then feeling your fingers slide gently down between my legs and feeling how wet that spanking really made me.

Then I would be in even more trouble for getting turned on by my punishment. You would sit me in your lap and pinch my nipples until they stung and tell me what a naughty girl I was for playing with my own body when I was home all alone. You would take my toys from me and then lay me back and play with me using only your fingers, mouth, and cock. The real thing is so much better than my toys anyways, but I am not about to let you know I enjoyed that “punishment” too!

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