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Adult Phone Chat Bondage Freaks With Sexy Slut Jacqueline

Adult phone chatOur adult phone chat the other day led to a day of creamy cunts and oozing cocks. It started with a simple sexy chat..

“You’re a dirty slut, aren’t you? I can see it in your eyes. The way you lick your lips and the way your body trembles with anticipation. You want me to take control, don’t you?”

I proceeded to tell him about my ex, who often took control of every inch of my body for his cock to get hard and my body used to drain his balls of cum.

I was tied up tightly with ropes, my wrists bound above my head and ankles secured to the bedposts. My heart raced as I felt his presence approach; he was tall, dark-haired and exuded dominance like no other man before him. He stood over me for what seemed like hours, just looking down at his helpless plaything – that’s right, that’s what I am to him now – a plaything for his pleasure alone.

His cock sprung free from his pants and it grew harder by the second as he approached the bound beauty beneath him. Without any hesitation or warning, he roughly pushed his massive thick hard oozing cock into my tight cunt, filling me up completely. He started to pound away at my soaking wet pussy like a jackhammer on concrete.

As if this wasn’t enough, he reached down between my legs and began to play with my swollen clit – rubbing it roughly against his thumb while continuing to fuck you senselessly hard from behind. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to exploding with cum but knew better than to ask for release; after all, this was all about pleasing him tonight wasn’t it?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter or more intense, he pulled out of you suddenly only to spank that round ass of mine until it turned bright red before plunging back inside once again – harder than ever!

Finally, after what felt like an eternity but was probably only minutes in reality, he pulled out again and shot his hot cum all over your stomach and chest – marking me as his sexy slut for the night.

Jacqueline Submissive Pet Whore

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Adult Phone Chat with nasty hooker

Adult Phone Chat with a hooker hoe will be fun for you and your furry friend pleased. First I want to do lines of blow to get me ready. It makes me not want to care. Once I get high I quickly undress. That’s because you love watching me walk around naked. Every time I bend over to do my lines of coke, his wet nose sniffs my holes. “She is a prime cunt, isn’t she boy” he says to his man’s best friend.

Adult Phone Chat

“Keep your legs spread,” he tells me. Therefore I keep my legs apart exposing my cunt and asshole. His long tongue starts lapping me over and over. It always makes my cunt drip. “That’s right boy, get her asshole nice and wet for me” he says as he pulls his cock out. I just continue doing my favorite nose candy. While he rubs some blow on my asshole to numb me up, his furry friend continues to lick my dripping cunt.

Quickly he shoves his cock in my ass. His furry friend pushes his tongue in my cunt and wiggles it. It doesn’t take much of my cunt getting licked and my asshole getting fucked for me to cum. “Finally bitch, you show me how nasty you like it” he says as he starts pumping cum in my asshole. “Now he will clean it all up so just let him do it” he said as he pulled his cock out of me. It was great to have his furry friend lick all the cum out of my ass.


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Adullt Phone Chat Sluts Love Ass Play

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts love to eat ass. I have a young coed in my life now who loves to eat my ass. Good thing too, because I love to have my salad tossed. Ass play feels good. But men get weirded out if you even glide over their ass with your tongue, LOL. But women? Well, we never mind a good rim job. Casey is a 21-year-old college senior. She took my Intro to Psychology course three years ago. I never really forgot her. How could I? Super hot blonde with brains as big as her tits. She looks like a porn star with the brain of a neurosurgeon.

And she eats ass and loves ass play. She came over to watch the Super Bowl tonight with me. But we watched the game while eating each other out. We ate each other’s pussies and asses too. But we stopped for the half time show. We both noticed how hot Usher still looks. And we thought about his big black dick before we went back to eating pussy and ass. It is rare that I find such a good ass licker. But when I do, I keep her around. She will spend the night with me too. And there will be a lot more ass eating because I am an anal sex whore.

Sexy Babe Farah

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Jackoff porn to excite me while you beg for my tranny cock

I had some Jackoff porn playing while you were on the phone begging me to let you come over. “Please mister let me come suck your cock” is all I hear. I love when a bitch begs. Therefore I let you come over. As soon as you walk in I get you on your knees. “Come one sissy whore I hope you’re hungry” I say as I pull my girlcock out from panties. Your mouth waters as you open it up and I just shove my ladydick in your mouth.

Jackoff porn

“Suck it deep bitch” I moan out as I face fuck you hard. All I hear is the porn on TV and you gagging like a pathetic slut. After I look down and see you taking every inch of my tranny cock, I could see your sissy dick hard poking through your clothes. “Take everything off and bend over slut” I command you. You are a horny slut. So you do as I ask. As I stare into your wanting man pussy I think about how loud I want you squealing.

Then I shove my lady cock meat in you and moan out, “bitch take it all until I fill you up”. After that I fuck you hard over and over and just like I thought, you moaned out loud that I could no longer hear my porn I was watching. It just made me fuck you harder. Finally when I was about to cum you moaned out, “make me into a cum dripping whore”. I love the sound of that. Therefore I let my cock start to fill you up and that made you explode all over the floor. “Now clean up your mess and get out” I say as I pull my fuck out of you.


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Anal sex whore fiends for your Biggest cum shot inside of me

Anal sex whoreI am such an Anal sex whore! I can’t help it after being gangbanged in high school by multiple Big black dicks.. Anal sex has become my addiction! There is no better feeling, than feeling my asshole slowly expand as a big dick digs deep inside of me. I Love anal fucking and the feeling of the sperm releasing inside of me when you shoot your Biggest cum shot. Mmm, especially when it oozes out and I can feel the blobs of thick spunk plopping out of my asshole.

There is nothing like a handful of cum! I always make sure to cup my ass and gather up all the cum I can… I sometimes rub the cum all over my Big bouncy tits and pick my big tits up and suck and slurp all the cum right back off. I am such a nymphomaniac… people once said I would grow out of this hormonal stage but sex has always been something I cannot go without.

I finger fuck my cunt as a  Phone sex whore multiple times a day… There is no way I can just sit through without indulging in your filthy thoughts. My pussy gets so wet hearing you stroke your hard cock. If I am not using a dildo then I am using one of my many sex toys from my extensive collection. Phonesex helps me tame my sex addiction!

Sexy BBW Quinlee

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Jackoff porn need to have killer snuff in it.

Jackoff porn           Jackoff porn need to have killer snuff in it. Now then a good fucking porn needs to have all the elements. First is cunts and cocks. Just what we need for a good snuff. Definitely more than one cunt. The more the better. Second, we need tools or weapons. Third is the lotion. It’s important to remember that when jacking that cock you want to have some lotion.

            Watch Snuff Queen Angie taking apart another cunt whore. Fisting her cunt and ass. Sitting my ass down on her face, suffocating the whore as my cunt drips down into her mouth. Leaning forward to get my fist further up that cunt hole. At the same time closing off the nose and mouth full of my cunt. No breath allowed.

            Jerking your cock faster and faster as you watch me snuff this whore with just my ass and cunt. Cum at the same time, she chokes out.  

Snuff Queen Angie

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Adult Phone Chat With Anal Sex Slut Hunter

On adult phone chat calls, I love letting guys know how much I fucking love anal. Adult phone chatAs an anal sex slut, I’ve always been eager to show off my gaping asshole to anyone who dares to take a peek. It started with my husband fisting me on our anniversary and has since escalated into something more sinful – inviting the entire neighborhood over for some hardcore anal fun!

The living room was transformed into a makeshift orgy den; cocks of all shapes and sizes were thrusting in and out of every orifice available. My swollen clit ached for attention but there was no time between ass-fuckings. The first one entered me roughly, stretching my already loose pussy lips further apart while his thick cock disappeared inside my tight asshole. He slapped it hard before pulling out just enough to shoot his hot cum onto my protruding belly button.

The next one lined up behind him, his veiny dick slick with precum ready to plunge deep into both holes at once. “Take it like the dirty whore you are,” he growled before ramming home without warning – hitting that sweet spot inside me that made me scream out in pleasure

As he pounded away, I could feel my ass cheeks clap together with each powerful thrust. My juicy cunt leaked onto the carpet beneath me while my gaping asshole welcomed more cocks to join in on the fun. The room echoed with moans and grunts of pleasure mixed with pain as we fucked like animals, our bodies covered in sweat and other people’s cum.


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Adult Phone Chat with subby slut pet Casey

Adult Phone Chat with a subby bitch like me will have you pleased. When you have a long day at work and you need to get some frustrations out you can use a worthless whore like me. “Get out your cage bitch” my master demands of me. After I crawl out of my cage you grab me and put me over your lap. “Bitch don’t move,” he says as his hand hits my bare ass. My master spanks me over and over making sure it gets read and swollen.

Adult Phone Chat

All I could think about was pleasing my master. Even when my body started to shake from the pain that shot up my body. After more spankings, my master stood up over me. Then he pulled his cock out his pants. “You better be hungry bitch” my master said as he shoved his hard cock meat in my mouth. Part of my slaving is to milk my master any time he wants with any hole he wants

. Therefore I suck his cock down my throat but it wasn’t fast enough. So my master grabs me by the hair and throat and starts pounding my mouth hole really hard. After I choked he laughed and said “take my cock deeper, I don’t care if you can’t breathe”. I want to make my master happy. Therefore i suck his cock fast and deep.

I don’t want to let him down. “That’s it bitch, make it worth me keeping you as my slave pet” my master moans out. Finally I could feel his balls tighten up. Then his cock started spraying all his thick semen in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to swallow every single drop. “Now go back in your cage, subby pet.


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Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Tranny with a Big Cock

adult phone chatAdult phone chat allows you to talk to a shemale like me. And let me tell you guys love talking to a sexy shemale. Look at me? If you did not see my panty surprise, would you have known I had a ten-inch cock? Doubtful, right? Although I assume everyone knows I am a shemale goddess, so few guys do. I guess that is a testament to how good I look.

I met Kevin at a bar last weekend. But he was in a trans bar. Well, at least a trans friendly bar. Straight people go to this bar, but the straight men are usually looking for a woman like me. So, I assumed he knew I was a trans girl with a she-cock. But he got a big surprise when we went back to my place. I live around the corner from this bar. He was cute, nice and into me. Me bad for assuming.

I Love Giving Men a Big Panty Surprise

After the shock left him, he warmed up to the idea of sucking on my big tranny cock. However, he would not let me fuck him. I wanted to fuck his tight ass though. But I settled for his mouth on my cock gagging and slobbering like a man who has never sucked dick before. This one, I had no doubt, was telling me the truth about his lack of experience.

He could not get me all the way down his throat. He tried though. I told him for a novice, he sucked my cock like a champion. He even swallowed every ounce of my cum too. What a trooper. We will work on him. He told me he would watch some shemale jackoff porn and get better with cock. And I plan to hold him to that too. I just know his ass will feel so tight on my cock.

Sext Shemale Carla

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Adult Phone Chat With Filthy Mommy Makes Sons Cocks Twitch and Throb

Mommy loves her adult phone chat time with her sweet son. We get wild and naughty at times but right away, you wanted to do naughty things to mommy’s every hole.  From sticking that tongue of yours up mommys little cunty hole, you twirl it around while telling mommy what a filthy whore she is.

I tell you how I love seeing my son in between my legs. I push your head down further and with more force as you moved that tongue towards mommy’s dirty shit hole.  You told me with no uncertainty that you wanted to lick mommys ass. So, you did.

“I want to get you nice and lubed up with my spit mommy! It will make it easier to slide my cock in that tight shithole and stretch you out!”  The thought of my son’s big cock filling up any hole is enough to make my body quiver in ecstacy.  My asshole happens to be super tight and I didn’t know how that big cock of my son’s was going to even get the head in.

I swung around to stuff your cock into mommy’s mouth as you continued raping my asshole with your tonuge. I knew in order to get my sons cock into that tiny hole, you would have to come at it with a dick as hard as a rock. I wasted no time deep throating  that beautiful thing.  Choking, gagging and letting my drool fall out of mommy’s mouth onto my son’s throbbing vein filled cock. I traced my tongue around the head of your cock teasing you for what was next.

Sure enough, you became rock hard. And next thing I knew, you were stuffing your mommy making her your anal sex whore. I call you daily now and chat through cyber online to talk dirty before having wild mommy and son phone sex.  Give mommy a call so we can get that cock of yours rock solid!Adult phone chat

Mommy Susan Nasty Milf

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