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I want to hear you pumping your cock for me while I show off my big bouncy breasts and fat ass. I’m such a hot slut you’d even bring me home with your wife upstairs. Take me to the back room and drop me on my knees in front of your cock. I’ll give you the sloppiest, spit soaked head while your wife drools into her pillow. Pushing your cock down my throat until you’re slapping your balls on my lips. I want your dick sliding so far down my throat that you break my gag reflex. You’ll be thinking about this throat fucking every time your wife tells you she’s too tired to suck your dick.

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Adult Phone Chat on how I fucked my nephew. Everyone was over for a BBQ and drinking. I took my chance when I caught him alone on his way out the bathroom. I pushed him in there and stuck his hand up my dress. I looked at him and told him aunty needs him and he needs to do as I ask. He nodded and I told him to get on his knees and lick auntie’s cunt. He licked it good and I bent over so he could get deeper and reach my asshole. I look at him and tell him to fuck auntie’s cunt until it is filled all the way up. And he does just as he is told he sticks his big young hard meat cock in me and shoves it deep. He doesn’t stop pounding me hard while I play with my clit. It felt so good I bounced my ass back on him until I start squirting on him. This only made him cum hard and he started filling me up. I made sure he was going to get cleaned up so no one would know my dirty deed.  


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The “balls” dropped New Years Eve For a Sexy Milf!

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There cums a time in every young man’s life that his pink hairless balls will fill with semen for the first time. This sexy milf will always be there to guide and conquer that first cum load. Last New years eve my Nephew came to me thinking something was wrong with his little dinkus. His momma is very prudish and never taught him that he will get hard. Much less did he know that clear fluid would turn to the creamy sweet baby batter. So last New Year’s Eve my baby-faced Nephew came to me and he was so concerned with his aching dinkus. The first thing I fucking did was to tell him that that is a penis, but since he is becoming a man he can call it a dick or a cock. I took him in the bathroom and this sexy milf sat his naked body on the counter. I rubbed my hands with an unscented lotion and told him I would be touching his cock. “You Mean my Dinkus?” I slapped his little face and told him Aunt Isabella is going to make him a man. I had an idea, as I lathered his pink stub. I unfastened my shirt and reached around to unclip my bra. I know why you are getting hard baby. I think you have been overstimulated by the female hormones in this house. I felt a quiver and pulse beneath my fingers. I told him this would be Aunty and his secret as I jerked that little cock faster. Suddenly he cried out somethings happening please stop and then the cutest little boy moan and that boy cock went limp in my hands. I saw that same little nephew this summer and I went so far as to show him how a woman’s mouth and tits feel around his cock. But his cum was starting to show up just very thin at the time. This New Years’ Eve I know his Balls have dropped fully and its time this sexy milf to get her nephew fuck on!

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JackOff Porn Mommy And Daughter

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I love making jackoff porn with my daughter Daisy. She is the sexiest little slut. I should Know I trained her right. Always licking that sweet cunt till she squirted for the very first time all over my face.  I was a proud momma knowing that I had given my daughter the first squirt of many more squirting pussy shots. Then I bought her a sweet rabbit vibe and taught her how to make that sweet young pussy squirt all on her own. And as her tits grew I found myself sucking on them and making them bigger each day. I found that men would pay for a mommy and daughter show and combined my love of my daughters pussy and making money into one.  I love telling my sexy men how my young adult phone chat slut gets her own mommies pussy so fucking wet. I love using her to make a nice big cock hard and then having her slurp those balls and lick ass as I get to gulp that juicy load. My Daisy begging for a nice cock down her baby girl teen throat makes me just want to see her pounded hard and fast. Many men love to watch me eat her pussy out as they fuck mommy and try to give me another girl brat. I am up for the brat making as long as I get to see my daughters pussy opened up and her ass gaped for mommy. I will damn sure make that cock hard again so I can get my brat daughter preggers maybe that will calm my daughter down by making her a nice nasty stay at home P-mommy.  I always told her her body will make more money and having littles and grandbrats will make mommy rich. Plus all those loads of cum will make this mommy the happiest incest slut! adult phone chat

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I am A submissive whore milf who was made for jackoff porn. I am a great piece of ass for anything Masters’ want to do to me. I am in front of the cameras and I know my fun will begin and end in a short amount of time. I pour my big tits and ass in my little pilots uniform. I am having fun as I prance around and My asters of the evening are cooing at me from the sidelines. Then A masked man with his very large cock grabs my hair from behind. I knew this was coming, I was still in shock as I was tied and bound to the doorknob. My shirt is torn open and my nipples pulled and sucked in right before I am gaged. Jacking His cock the robber yells to the darkness behind the cameramen. This man is much larger and is nude expect a black hood he wears. He is holding a Knife and demands to know where the cash is. I shake my head and moan making my tits bounce as I try to free myself. My face is smacked and my gag removed. “Now bitch, tell us what we need to know.” I am lost in the roleplay, I no longer know if this is fantasy or real. My ball gag removed as both stocky men begin to face fuck me one after another. My panties are cut off and my ass is lubed with my own milf wetness. I am being pounded in my sweet ass cavity as my throat is forced open. I am still tied to the doorknob and my legs still bound up tight. I know this is the kind of abuse this adult phone chat slut deserves and craves. But at this moment I am lost to all reality except my BDSM forced fucking. I know the camera catches gold and many others will see my shame and humiliation as I am subject to piss play and more fucking and cum loads. 

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In My slut world jackoff porn is all about the big boobed Whore. I watch anime’ porn where all the sluts have tits so fucking big They would be smothered if they were fucked missionary. I love watching those cartooned pussys get filled by monster cocks. I pretend I am the villainess and I am the big titted whore who is going to suck the cum and strength out of the super hero’s big 14-inch cocks. My pussy is supersonic milking giant cock and my tits squirt magic dick growing milk.  This teen knows that her hairy pussy is her greatest weapon for destroying mankind. Fuck me deeper and deeper go under my spell.  You cock brings me to my supervillains knees as I clamp down with my pussy muscles and cum. I am weak, no is the time for you to strike. Shove your superhero cock down my throat as You give me the biggest cum dump and try to defeat me. 

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