Adult Phone Chat About How I Fucked My Nephew

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat on how I fucked my nephew. Everyone was over for a BBQ and drinking. I took my chance when I caught him alone on his way out the bathroom. I pushed him in there and stuck his hand up my dress. I looked at him and told him aunty needs him and he needs to do as I ask. He nodded and I told him to get on his knees and lick auntie’s cunt. He licked it good and I bent over so he could get deeper and reach my asshole. I look at him and tell him to fuck auntie’s cunt until it is filled all the way up. And he does just as he is told he sticks his big young hard meat cock in me and shoves it deep. He doesn’t stop pounding me hard while I play with my clit. It felt so good I bounced my ass back on him until I start squirting on him. This only made him cum hard and he started filling me up. I made sure he was going to get cleaned up so no one would know my dirty deed.  

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