Addicted To My BBC Adult Phone Chat

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I love how You are addicted to My BBC adult phone chat! I am that sultry BBC loving whore. I bare all in my cock obsession. Why big black cocks?  Because I am a big dick lover. I am a cuckold wife who cheats with those hard hanging long hard black men dicks. I am a greedy girly too because I always want two three or more BBC cum loads at once. My hubby agrees, he wants a huge cum facial along with eating cum dripping from my ass and sweet slit. I am lucky because I have three sissy boys who cater to my BBC addiction when my hubby is too busy making money for his cheating whore wife to spend. Let’s be honest a sexy slut like me can’t be with a tiny dicked man unless I am getting a cock that is hung elsewhere. 

I rather not pretend that I am faithful when I am married to the whitest small shlong I ever saw. I found that telling other men how much I love BBC cock because of how large they are, turns me on and makes itty weenies hard. Well, I like to call them clit sticks, but you understand don’t you white boy? I mean if you had the chance to marry a big titted Goddess that needed you to fall into the cucky role I know you would. Even little-pricked men need some huge ass tits and sweet pussy to eat.I consider my husband a lucky cucky! 

I dare say being opened up with a black mans 12-inch dick hurts so good! The pressure and the amount of cum that floods my holes is the best fucking experience. I love to watch in the mirrors my hubby and sissys waiting for their turn as My white ass is being pounded and my moans echo. It is so much better than watching jack off porn! 

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