Sexy chicks

adult phone chat opheliaI decided to take a class this week to help build my GPA. Well who knew it would be a good one? By good one I mean a hot dude with a rocking body. I am staying after his lecture today to ask some questions. I have a really big one actually on my mind that I need to find out. I want to see how big his cock is. So the last student is out the door and I am going to start taking my clothes off- standing in front of this hot man. He smiles and pulls his pants down, I am blown away at what I see. I had no clue his cock would be so huge. I eagerly pounce into his arms and he slams me on his desk. I lean up to see his dick sliding into my bald pink wet pussy. I clench my thighs around him as he pounds me into his desk. I am going to have him pound me until he squirts his seed all over my body. I know how I am going to start earning my extra credit!

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