Bald Cunny Weekend

adult phone chat melinda (2)We have a full weekend a head of us. Tonight the girls and I are going to our favorite XXX movie house. If we go late enough I am able to sneak them in and we have all kinds of fun with men we don’t know and will never see again. An activity that every naughty mommy should teach her up and coming whores.
Tomorrow is supposed to be super nice, in the 70’s, we have a picnic lunch all planned, are packing the fishing poles and going to our favorite secluded lake where we can skinny dip, picnic and fish all day.
Sunday the three of us have a date with a very special man. He is taking us to lunch and then a movie and then we are bringing him home to thank him properly.
We sure hope you can join us sometime this weekend and help us stay naughty and busier then we are already going to be. I am sure we can fit you in!

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