Punishing my Sissy

adult phone chat Have you ever had a disobedient sissy? Well, then you know punishment is in order but what shall I do? He seems to enjoy the spankings way too much. I’ve beat him, made him wear girlie clothes in public and fucked him with a huge strap-on. He just begged for more. I need something better, something more unique for this naughty one. He’s such a pretty sissy in his lingerie with his shaved balls all smooth and pink. Maybe I should take him to a gangbang and use him to make some money. Let them all fuck my sissy deep and hard and use his face for a urinal. Ram that tight little ass cunt until it is raw and overflowing with cum. But knowing this little whore, he will probably love that too. So now I need advice from other sissies. How should mommy punish you when you’ve been a bad sissy? Send me some pics and I’ll give you my opinion.

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