Looking For A Sugar Daddy

kinky phone sexI’m just a big Daddy’s girl. I love fucking my Daddy’s big hard cock. He feels so good when he slides it in my pussy. I don’t care what society thinks about it. My Daddy is the best lover I could ever hope for. Not only does he service my steaming cunt whenever I need it, he spoils me slap rotten. Anything I want, Daddy makes sure he gets me. If I need a new outfit, his credit card is in my hand. The spoiling didn’t start until after the fucking started. I don’t know if I make him so happy he wants to give me the world or if he feels shame over fucking his own daughter, so he buys his way out of it. Either way, I’m a happy girl. I get all the cock I want and every material possession I could want too. As long as I keep sucking and fucking that Daddy dick, I know I will keep getting anything I want. Of course, Daddy does have a daytime job and it gets a little lonely here. I’m thinking of getting a Sugar Daddy to supplement the income my Daddy gives me. Are you ready to apply for the job baby?

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