Pepper’s Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone ChatI love adult phone chat!

This is really the greatest job ever!

I am a very sexual person and I love chatting with men while I play with my little kitty!

I get so excited and start dripping right away! I love the longer calls where I get to break out the toys!

Last week I was on the phone with my mom and a call came in. Mom has no idea that I do this so I told her it was an important call about a school I applied to and would call her right back.

I was so excited about the call that instead of switching to the caller, I pushed the wrong button and had all three of us on the line at the same time!

I didn’t realize it at first and I was really getting into the call! My tight little pussy was so wet and I could hear the excitement in my mans! I loved telling him exactly how to stroke his long hard cock! Slow at first…stroking his entire shaft from his yummy round balls to his big smooth mushroom head. Then faster, wishing I was there for him to fuck my tight little pussy for real!  I loved that he was getting hard just for me! And I love knowing they are going to give me all that sweet cock cream!

We were both right on the edge, so close to the point of no return! I was about to explode and that’s when I heard it…..Mommies voice screaming, “Oh yeah! Oh God!”

Mom was still on the phone and she was about to cum!

I was shocked but my guy was loving it! He ended up extending the call and shot his load twice!

Now that Mommy knows what I do, she is constantly trying to get me to add her to a call!

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