Need Some Cum

I am looking for a man who can bring some friends to the party – I need some hot fucking cock and I just haven’t got enough this week. Watching all this jackoff porn just isn’t doing it for me. I have my huge giant tits ready for you to fuck them until they feel like they are on fire. Then its time to grab my fat ass and spread my cheeks apart and plow your cock deep inside me. I want to feel your dick in my tight cunt, pounding it and making my tits bounce like only you can.

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Thats where your friends come in – a cock for each hand and one for my mouth and another in my ass. I want to feel balls slapping every part if my body and want hands groping every inch of me for the whole night. I want load after load of hot chunky cum squirting all over my hair and face and into my throat. Once they start cumming I know it will be a domino effect and the jizz will just keep squirting – all for me.
Once I am covered in cum from head to toe, I will get on my knees and clean everyone up. I will lick each of the huge cocks clean while you hold my hair tight and make me your little maid. This is the kind of adult phone chat I need tonight – bring your game baby and I will please you all.

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