Fun at Denny’s

adult phone chat I had a lot of fun at Denny’s the other night. I went in and ordered to go, wanting to just go home and relax. Well their was a group of guys sitting close by and they asked if I wanted to sit with them while I wait. I said sure and sat down with these six guys. As we are hanging out they are laughing having a fun time. I am enjoying hanging out with them. Well then one of them asks if I would like to hang out with them some more tonight. I think why not and agree to hang a bit longer. Well soon I realized this wasn’t a normal hang out. I felt their hands on my and then I hear one whisper in my ear “wanna have some real fun with the six of us? We have a whole lot of cock to give if you will take it.” I froze, but then decided I should have some fun. There was so much cock. I had one in my asshole, one in my pussy, one in my mouth, one in each hand, and the last guy was titty fucking me. It was some of the best sex I could ever have, and when one guy finished I had a new guy filling me up and making me cum. It was the best trip to Denny’s I could have ever made, never did eat that meal though, cum is very filling.

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