I love adult phone chat!

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat because it gives me a chance to tell all you horny daddies out there all of my dirty stories! Like the party I had last night, I had several guys over to pop my niece’s cherry. She had never had sex before at all, she was totally innocent in every way but that didn’t stop me from making her first time a gangbang! There were five men there and they were all lusting over that sweet pussy, they were surrounding her like animals on the prowl! Sge was a little scared but I just told her to suck it up and get ready because I wasn’t going to let her stop until every single one of those men were completely satisfied. I have to say, for her first time she did a really good job! She cried a little bit when they forced open her tight little ass and pussy holes but she never once begged for them to stop… she just begged for more! I think I found me a sweet new little whore in training!

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