Big Bouncy Breasts on a Trampoline

big bouncy breastsBig bouncy breasts are a lot of fun for you and for me. I was at birthday party this weekend for a friend of mine’s son. They had a trampoline that looked like fun. I had never been on one before, so I got right in the middle of the little boys and started bouncing with them. I was having so much fun, I neglected to see all the wood in the shorts of the little boys surrounding me.  My boobs were swinging all over the place too. I had on a flimsy bra, not designed to contain big tits on a trampoline.  It’s a miracle I didn’t knock myself out. When we got of the trampoline, I was getting dirty looks from other mothers. My friend, however, thought it was hysterical that I made her son and all his friends pop chubbies in their shorts from my big tits bouncing up and down. Maybe the other moms were just jealous. Boys that age have likely never been exposed to 44 EE natural boobs. I know none of the uptight mommies had a rack like mine. When I excused myself to the bathroom, a few of the boys that shared the trampoline with me, followed me in the bathroom. Bold little mother fuckers. One of them said, “Show us your tits Glenda; we won’t tell anyone you did,” so I did. One boy came in his shorts. He was beet red from embarrassment. The rest of the boys jacked their little willies off on my tits. I licked my boobs clean of the evidence, went back to the party and smirked at all the uptight ladies who would have had a cow if they knew their sons had just creamed on my big knockers. What good are big bouncy boobs if you can’t flaunt them, right?

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