Are you a bit strange, too?

jackoff pornNormal moms want their sons to grow up, get married, and make brats. Not me. I want my boys to be mine forever. Sissy boys make mommy’s pussy purr. Rocking and nursing them are what I love best in life. Dressing you up to be a good little sissy for mommy makes me so happy. I have such a nice collection of lingerie and panties and I love to share. What sissy boy wouldn’t want to be pampered by a loving mommy who encourages him to be what he really is? Mommy’s little cocksucker or just mommy’s sex toy. Either one is fine with me. Let me press your face to my breast and feel you suckle my fat nipples. Your dickie grows hard in that diaper or those panties. I slide my hand inside to feel you and you gurgle a soft moan. I rock you and stroke that boy cock until you feel all better. You miss your own mom and need someone to make you feel loved and relaxed? It’s time to come see me.

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