Adult Phone Chat With Wet Whores

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat with wet whores only ups the ante. I got to do a hot little fantasy last night and honestly it blew my fucking mind. I showed up to the house call dressed in nothing but a raincoat and a pair of black heels. By the time I was up to his bedroom, he’d managed to shove a fat ass plug up my tight little fuck hole! I was moaning and dripping, but the fun didn’t stop there. He wanted to plug up both of my holes, champ down some sharp clamps onto my sensitive gumdrop nipples, and vibrate me straight into hell. Why, you ask? He wanted to see what sort of a river would run when he pulled the plugs from my holes. Three minutes in and I had cum twice. He bought six hours. It was a hot, long fucking night. And when I finally pulled out those plugs, well let’s just say my carpet isn’t the only thing still soaked and dripping.

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