Adult Phone Chat With a Naughty Mommy

adult phone chat

One of the reasons I got into doing adult phone chat is because I have so many things to share. God, I love talking about what a whore I am and have always been. I know you have probably all heard the stories about my daddy and me, but have you heard about the things I’ve done with my uncles? They loved taking me away for the weekend, without daddy, and turning me into the nastiest little fuck whore ever. I used to come home from those weekends with cum in my panties and a sore cunt. But oh my God, every bit of it was worth it.

I loved having sex with daddy, but he would get so excited that he didn’t always last very long. But my uncles…I don’t know how, but they had so much stamina. I swear it never took any of them more than a few minutes to get hard again after fucking me. It was the best!! And they were always up for trying new things and making sure that they made me cum, too! Fuck. I’m getting horny just thinking about it. I just love it when I meet my match in the taboo department. It’s fun to see if either of us have any limits at all. I know I sure don’t.

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