Adult phone chat keeps me going

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is really keeping me going during this long quarantine process, at least I can talk to people about all the cruel things my Master is doing to me. Just last night he woke me out of a dead sleep by shoving his rock hard cock down my throat and fucking my face like it was a pussy. He was choking and gagging me, I thought I was going to die for a minute there before he finally let me breathe. Then he roughly flipped me over and fucked my ass dry with no lube at all. It hurt so bad but I knew better than to scream, that would only make it worse. He beat me and used me and fucked me all night long, even now I am still naked with a butplug in my ass and a ballgag in my mouth waiting for him to use me again today. It’s such torture but part of me likes it anyway, what does that make me?

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