Adult Phone Chat with a GILF

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a sexy GILF is so much fun. As I have aged, I find that I am more popular. I get  considerably more cock now that I am 60. I don’t look sixty and I certainly don’t act it. My body is great for my age. My big tits are nice, but it is my age the young me love. It is the fact that I am a grandma. I thank Internet porn for making me more popular as a granny than I was as a mommy. Guys like gilfs more than milfs. I walked into a college and suddenly those doe eyed coeds are nonexistent to the boys. They only have eyes for me. No girl has a rack like mine. No girl can fuck like me either. I have more years of sexual experience than anyone coed has years alive. Fuck, I have panties older than most college boys. It is getting harder to find the young studs now that bars are closed, but I still know how to find a party. I crashed a house party last night. I started doing shots and playing beer pong. I got a little drunk and asked one hot college boys to show me his cock. He did more than that. He got naked and fucked me over the pool table while the other guys cheered him on. The girls were watching in disgust. I told them to watch and learn how a real woman takes care of a guy. I drained his frat cock with my pussy, my ass and my mouth. He wasn’t the only one either. I had a gilf gangbang. Most of the girls left in a huff because I stole their limelight. My pussy and ass were filled with the sperm of men more than half my age. Every guy in that bar got some free gilf action. I turned that quarantine party into a porn movie.

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