Adult Phone Chat Fun

adult phone chat melindaI never thought that I would love being a phone chat whore as much as I do. I mean what other job can you earn a great living and sit home naked all day long with a toy or your fingers stuffed in your cream pie pussy. It is the perfect job for a nasty mommy that loves to fuck and cum.

The girls have always helped keep this pussy satisfied and now that I am really into my job I have learned how to let them help mommy make money yet anther way. They love it when they come in my office and I put my caller on speaker phone. All three of us dip our fingers in each others pussies while I talk to my caller and my caller talks to me. They get off just as much as I do knowing that he is on the other end of the phone jerking his hard cock and we are on our end fucking each other for all we are worth.

Of course the caller never knows if and when the girls and I are playing on our end, for all they know it just the two of us, and that makes it more fun then ever!

The girls help me make money in other ways to. It never fails that a date or a boyfriend finds them attractive and asks if they are available. Since they love sucking cum out of all my holes, why not let the guys pay to fill their little mouths up with the same jizz? Or let them squirt all over their faces or cunnies.

Last weekend I invited three guys over, one for each of us, or at least that is how it was supposed to be. It ended up that each of the girls wanted to try taking on all three guys at once. I am a loving and kind mommy, who am I to refuse my little angels anything?

I let them have their fun while I watched and at the end of the weekend I made them watch while the guys gave mommy the same treatment.

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