Adult Phone Chat Cum one Cum All

Adult phone chat      Adult phone chat makes me want to cum! I got into a little trouble at school! I call my mom but she is busy working! The call goes to her boss who I ask to pick me up! When he arrives I am sitting in the office with my legs wide open. It’s been a while since we saw each other last. He can’t believe how big my tits are and how plump my ass has gotten. I am sent home because I chose to wear a shirt with a marijuana leaf on the front! Big fucking deal! I live in Denver, Colorado, who gives a fuck! He nods in my direction and talks to the school principal. She tells him I have violated the dress code and am being sent home. I don’t want mom to find out because she caught me with my boyfriend fucking last night! I move my skirt up to show boss man a little bit more of my thigh. He likes I can tell because I spot the bulge growing in his pants.
      I walk back to his car in silence not sure what to say. I cross my legs in the seat and show more of my bare skin. I turn the radio off in the car. Who wants to listen to talk radio? He tries to yell at me for being bad. All I know is how to be bad so I start rolling my eyes. He pulls me over on his laps and snatches down my panties. Inserting his finger in my tight pussy I acknowledged that I wanted more. He knew I was a natural born slut by the wetness of his fingertips. Unbuckling his pants he inserted the tip inside of me. Turning around I hear the knock that would change my life forever! My boyfriend was standing at the window with his cock in his hand and a devilish smile on his lips! I looked behind him and there were four other guys lined up outside of the car! By the end of the night I drank so much cum that I had to go get my stomach pumped! Too bad you weren’t there to join the fun!

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