Sissy Fairy Fun

adult phone chat ParisYou email me begging for me to turn you into my little sissy bitch. You tell me you want me to pick out your outfits and pimp you out. And how could I resist turning you into my little faggot. When you call me, I can hear in your voice how much you want it. Practically begging for me to invite some men over to use you. Luckily for you, I have two really good friends with huge thick cocks. They get turned on by little fairies like you who dress up for them. I picked out a really cute pink bra and thong set. You see them and I see you start drooling. You’re a nasty little cocksucker, already begging or their thick cocks. You get on your knees and start sucking their cocks. You look into their eyes and start begging more. They make you tell them how much of a faggot sissy slut you are. Then all of a sudden, you bust you load! Oh no…We are going to have to punish you for it.

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