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Cheerleader Slut Loves Blowjob Phone Sex

I’m Charlie and I will be the one you will return to many times for blowjobs phone sex. To have my big brown Italian eyes gaze up at you while your fat fuck rod is buried in my face will be a hot start. You will put your hand on the back of my head to make sure I take your length all the way down. I may sputter and gasp a little but that won’t be a problem as it will just make you more excited and you will start face fucking me in rhythm. I will work wonders with my lips wrapped around that cock and my tongue teases the mushroom cap and that sweet dick hole where that yummy pre-cum starts to drip. Oh God I am so horny for that cock.

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Charlie Cutie Coed Cheerleader


Sissy Fairy Fun

adult phone chat ParisYou email me begging for me to turn you into my little sissy bitch. You tell me you want me to pick out your outfits and pimp you out. And how could I resist turning you into my little faggot. When you call me, I can hear in your voice how much you want it. Practically begging for me to invite some men over to use you. Luckily for you, I have two really good friends with huge thick cocks. They get turned on by little fairies like you who dress up for them. I picked out a really cute pink bra and thong set. You see them and I see you start drooling. You’re a nasty little cocksucker, already begging or their thick cocks. You get on your knees and start sucking their cocks. You look into their eyes and start begging more. They make you tell them how much of a faggot sissy slut you are. Then all of a sudden, you bust you load! Oh no…We are going to have to punish you for it.

Naughty Paris


Barely Legal Phone Sex Mommy Loves a Party

adult phone chat haleySo, are you looking for a party big guy? I know of a happening hot time where you can get some barely legal phone sex MILF and daughter fun. It’s kinda a top secret dealio and I think you’re the perfect candidate to invite.
My slut daughter is as addicted to sucking cock as her whore mommy is and we make a great team. I gotta admit though, a little booze goes a long way with my barely legal slut daughter. It’s another secret we share only with some worthy cock toting men.
If you wanna play good and fucking dirty with a couple of unabashed young things then be sure to ring my number! It will be the time of your life!

MILF Haley


Jackoff Porn Control: How Many Times Do You Jack Off?

jackoff pornDo you watch jackoff porn? Like 24/7? How many times do you jack off in a day? I bet you slap your meat all day long. So much in fact, I bet you can’t please a woman. Can’t get it up because you drained your cock dry. Or a woman’s pussy doesn’t feel like your hand so you struggle to cum. Chronic masturbators need cock control. They need me. If you play with yourself more than with your girl, then you have a problem that needs correcting . I have all sorts of games and gadgets I use on you chronic masturbators. When it comes to jacking off, too much of a good thing is bad. So put your dick down now.

I can put you in a cage if you can’t be controlled with games like red light green light. I can be trusted with the key. Maybe (giggles). I can tease and deny you all day long with my hot teen body. Cock control is for your own good. Look at me. Don’t you want to be able to last while you fuck a goddess? I will hurt that best friend of yours if you can’t get it hard for me. I deserve the best and the best is a hard working cock. So if you are one of those guys who can’t stop jerking his dick, you need me. I will make you the kind of man who hot bitches want. Of course this doesn’t apply to you if you have a tiny prick. If you are a one inch wonder, jack away because no self respecting girl is gonna want anything to do with that!

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Wet Dreams

adult phone chat carrieMen think that they are the only ones that can have wet dreams but that is just not true!
Last week I talked to this guy that was so amazing that he made me cum three times on the phone!
I can’t get him out of my head!
I love a guy who can get me off! But all I can think about is his hard throbbing cock stretching my hungry little pussy…teasing it with drops of sweet man juice and then bursting, and dumping his load deep inside my warm little cunt!
I have become so obsessed with the idea of a cock stuffing my pussy that I am even dreaming about it! And last night I came so hard that it woke me up!
My pussy was twitching and seeping cream! It was so real!
I love it when a Man can turn me on that much and leave me wanting more!

Cum Slut Carrie