Sexy Mommas

sexy mommas apcsSexy mommas come in all shapes and sizes, even ages. I am in my 50s. I am a double threat. A sexy mommy and a sexy granny. Men of all ages love me. I, however, prefer younger men. My sons and my grandsons understand why. I love incest sex. Something extra taboo about fucking the guys you share DNA with in my opinion. My sons are all grown up now, but I still fuck them. Once a mother fucker, always a mother fucker. Sure, I have a dirty side that enjoys them really young, but fucking a boy who spent nine months inside of you is so naughty. Plus, as a dirty mommy, I have trained all my offspring, the girls included, on just how to please me. That training sticks with a brat. So, when I need a good pussy licking, I don’t leave the task up to someone’s skills I have no clue about. I call up one of my sons and summon them to take care of mommy. Sons always want to please their mommies no matter how old they might be. When Troy came over yesterday, he joked that he would still be licking my mommy puss when I was a gray haired old gal living in a nursing home. I don’t know about the gray hair, but he was right about the rest.

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