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adult phone chat deannaSt Patrick’s Day planning was underway. It’s always a big day for any club, but for a strip club, it is amazing. The beer and cocktails are all dyed and ready. Shamrocks and the like decorate the walls and floor. Strobe lights for dancers will be tinted green. Men dressing as leprechauns will get one free lap dance from the dancer of their choice. That usually gets things really going and the money starts flowing.
All the girls plan on wearing green shamrock pasties on their tits and green matching thongs. I however, will not be wearing green. Am I anti holiday? Of course not. I purposefully “forget” to wear my green, because I have a secret desire to be pinched and used by as many men as possible. I love the little bit of pain that goes along with the pinch and it always opens up the dialogue for me. Last year I counted. I was pinched by 75 men! Little bruises scarred my skin for days afterwards, leaving me a wonderful reminder of the day. I also had one of the best fucks of my life once I picked the “right” pincher.
The weekly gang bangs with the boss and his sons has gotten me wondering how if would feel to do a much larger number of men, so this year I have decided to fuck every man who pinches me in one predetermined spot. I’m thinking the number could reach the high double digits. I’m so excited and so horny. I can hardly wait until St Patty’s gets here to fulfill my desires.

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