Sex on the Beach

Adult Phone Chat

Summer is in full swing for this big sexy slut.

I decided to go on a romantic trip by myself.

I know my Full sexy body will grab someones attention and I can have a sex filled week with him, or her.

Wearing almost nothing I set out for the beach, I asked the waiter for a fresh drink.

I loved how he stared at my titties.

Jackoff Porn

He was lost for words, Just standing there.

Sweat was running down his dark skin.

He could not hide his giant cock behind those white coton pants. 

Right then and there is when I pulled his pants down. 

I puled out his massive un-cut cock and started sucking him right there on the beach. 

Blowjob Phone sex

He was shaking, in my mouth as I sucked his dick. 

I sat there in my chair choking on his cock. 

Drool dripping off my chin and down my big tits. 

I wanted his yummy nigger cum all over my face. 

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